Explore the Euphrates in the heart of Samawah

Participating in the ICEST 2020 would get your paper published in a scopus-indexed proceedings besides communicating and socializing with other peer researchers in your field.

You would enjoy meeting the river Euphrates which divides the City of Samawah into two halves. There is also a long heritage and exotic views one might have a chance to view. Such as the lake of Sawa, which is just 23 km to the west of the city, is considered by Iraqi people as one of the miracles due to its mysterious soil and water supply, as well as its transparent fish. More information about it are available in this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sawa_Lake.

Uruk, the ancient city of Sumer, goes back to the 4th millennium BC, is situated about 15 km to the north-east from the city centre of Samawah. Historians think that the name of Iraq was originally driven from Uruk. Its ancient buildings and design still stands in the place. More information about Uruk are in the link:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uruk.

Another perk is that the temperature in December would be appealing, as it ranges around 18C, which might be a getaway for researchers to enjoy the sun in the peak of winter.

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