Tips for Presentation

Guidelines for Presentation 

Please prepare your presentation slides before the conference day

  1. The presentation duration should be between 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. All information about the presentation such as title of the paper, authors’ name and affiliation must appear on the first slide of your presentation.
  3. Presentation must be in English.
  4. Please send the presentation slides (optional) at least 2 days before the conference day via – Downloadable link (Google Drive, etc), Internet File transfer services (WeTransfer, etc), or any other acceptable methods to the  conference Email. 
  5. Recommended file formats: PowerPoint or PDF

Useful Guides

Please refer to the following links for some very useful guides related to Video Presentation:

  1. How to Make a Video in PowerPoint – ppt to video (by Kevin Stratvert):
  2. How to upload files on Google Drive and share through link | How to use Google drive (by How To):
  3. How to use WeTransfer file transfer service (by Care Home Marketing Expert):
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